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21 April 2021
Bremen, Germany
Digital Seafood Meeting
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Open until 21 April 2021

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Absatzmärkte: Welche Veränderungen gibt es im GV Markt?  Was für Produkte sind am Start?
Was sind die aktuellen Entwicklungen in der Betriebsgastronomie? Welchen Einfluß hat die neue Arbeitswelt? Wie verändern sich die Produkte? Das sind Fragen die wir in dieser Session stellen werden. Aber auch: Wie geht es weiter? Was für neue Konzepte gibt es?

Sylvia Ludwig, Leiterin Kommunikation / Marketing, Friesenkrone Feinkost Heinrich Schwarz & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG

Reuven Schockner, Culinary Manager West, Verantwortung Fisch, Eurest Deutschland GmbH

Moderation: Sabine Wedell, Projektleiterin, MESSE BREMEN

This session will be held in German.

10:30-11:20Matchmaking (2 slots)

Challenges of product launches
What recent developments have emerged on the market? What new products are on offer, and which of them have achieved retail sucess?

Iwona Kulinicz, Export manager, Freezco Sp z o.o

Martin Haasnoot, Managing Director, Neptunus Seafood B.V.

Jürgen Pauly, Purchasing, Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co.KG

Moderation: Monika Pain, Project manager Polfish & Sabine Wedell, Project manager, MESSE BREMEN

This session will be held in English.

12:10-13:50Matchmaking (5 slots)

Innovations: Is it all about the base? land-based | plant-based | cell-based
What new developments are on the market? What future products do we have to expect? How sustainable are they?

Burkhard Gabbe, Managing Director, Frosta Foodservice GmbH

Dr. Sebastian Rakers, Managing Director, Bluu GmbH Biosciences

Sinan Kiziltan, Chairman Turkish Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters Union and Board Member Kilic Seafood Co.

Moderation: Selin Akdogan, Project Manager, Future Fish Eurasia Fairs & Sabine Wedell, Project manager, MESSE BREMEN

This session will be held in English.

14:40-16:00Matchmaking (4 slots)

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